Season 2 – Episode 11 – Our Seven Minute(ish) Interview w/ Dr. Elliot Eisenberg

In this episode we have special treat for you.  We know that many of our listeners work in finance, so we went out and found a great interview.
Dr. Elliot Eisenberg,  Ph.D. is a nationally acclaimed economist, syndicated columnist and prolific public speaker.  He aims to make economics fun.  His Econ70 blog and email newsletter goes out daily to thousands of eager readers who enjoy getting his insight on Economics in 70 words or less.
Elliot took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us and gives us his take on the economy and markets today and moving forward.
Grab a pen and paper because Elliot gives us the info you need to sell better in today’s economy.
Sit back and enjoy our 7 Minute-ish interview w/ Dr. Elliot Eisenberg.
You can find Elliot’s blog at


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